Testimonials for Highway 55 Rental

I have been meaning to write a review for several years but have not taken the time. I am 100% satisfied with 55 Rental. I am shocked to read about any piece of rental equipment not being perfect because I have rented dozens of pieces and every one has performed perfectly. Over the past 20+ years I have rented: log splitters, stump grinders, enclosed trailers, 4 different augers, 2 different trenchers, snake, Bobcat skidsteer, floor sander, sod remover, etc., etc. Every time the engine ran smoothly, was well maintained, and very clean. Being able to rent a piece of equipment and know it will perform as expected is of great value to me. – Kevin O.

Great, knowledgeable and friendly staff. They have a large selection of whatever you might be needing and it is in good shape. Easy in and out and they help explain how things work as well as help load it for you. I'll be heading back! – Steve A.

These guys are terrific. They give me what I need, always have what I need, get me in and out with no hassle whatsoever and are just generally great guys to work with. I would recommend them to anyone! – Jeffery M.

I always find exactly what I need here. Rented a truck this time and they had it ready for me and warmed up by the time I had finished the paperwork inside. A first rate outfit. – Mark A.

Awesome team makes sure you get the right equipment for the job, even home owners. They also make sure they do right by you when it comes time to settle up. – Matthew V.

Great service, friendly, and a good selection. It's hard to find the quality of service these guys provide. – Ryan S.

Very nice people to work with. Called them a few times and they had great service on the phone. When I visited them, I found out they forgot to tell me about a deposit so they worked with me to make it happen. Very happy with the rental and we got an MG Midget! – Seth B.

Good equipment, well taken care of. Great experience behind the counter. – Mike F.

Best rental place I've ever used. Fast, prompt, and friendly. Use them over Budget, U-Haul or anyone else if you can. Thanks again for the service! – R. J.

Great up-to-date equipment always. – Jason D.

Recommended place. Easy access, broad choice of equipment and no hassles. – Philippe G.

Great service. Helpful, friendly, patient (when you have a few questions). Perfect place to help you find the right tool for the job at hand. – Keith B.

Most other places I called said I would have to wait 1-2 weeks for service. Highway 55 Rental had my lawn mower engine fixed in 2 days. When I picked it up, my entire mower was cleaned and it ran like new! I recommend Highway 55 Rental for small engine repairs as well as any equipment rentals. – Mike S.

Nice price on propane refills. – Robert B.

Always had great customer service here. – Ben C.

They have everything, good customer service. – Steve M.